Booking Kulula Airlines Online

I would like to take you to beautiful South Africa, home to wild creatures, beautiful beaches and wonderful people. South Africa is also home to a successful airline you’ve never heard of before. Out of the Southwest Airlines come from another exceptional airline in a demanding and very competitive business.

The airline – Kulula (in Zulu significance “it is simple.”) Airlines, “which, judging by their jets, has literally branded themselves as an enjoyable airline. Everything is labelled in a fun way: the crisis row is known as the “throne zone,” the rudder is “the steering system thingy” and the overhead compartments are “VIP seats for your hand luggage.” (Comedy at Work: Airline Has Fantastic Pleasure Branding Itself, April 10, 2013)

This can be a low-cost airline that does not take itself overly seriously. You can comprehend it by studying the pictures that I found of the aircraft. But it is more in relation to the paint on the airplane. It is a tradition of play, fun and wit.

How can you identify in a mature business (any business for that matter). Why don’t you look at an industry that’s very mature – airlines? Not only any airlines, Kulula Airlines, a far-out upstart from South Africa.

After 11 years since starting, Kulula Airlines has truly become the No. 2 carrier in South Africa (2nd only to a government owned airline), thanks to eye catching ad campaigns that depict common flyers as superheroes, under their motto, ‘Now anyone can fly!’ Now, the airline goes even farther with humor, using it both inside and outside the airplane.

Humour continues to be part of Kulula said Heidi Braurer, from day one, marketing leader. It’s good to be amazing and simple. However this is serious company also. They’re supported to be first and socializing, but not insulting to anybody, Braurer said. They aren’t hired by us as comics, we hire them. But outside the cabin of the airplane, Kulula making a name for itself in the method and is turning heads. The organization has gotten very generous making use of their outdoor ornamentation (lime green paint), painting some airplanes with cows, signs that read This Way Up, and even adding arrows that point out each individual characteristic of the airplane, for instance, black box, the seats, the back door, the nose cone, and even where the co-captain sits. It is highly uncommon for an airliner to not take itself so seriously, and folks are noticing.